Calculate How Much SaaS Your Company is Using

Get an instant estimate of how many SaaS apps are in use and what it's costing your organization

Teams and individuals across your company are purchasing and expensing SaaS software, leaving IT and Finance no central system of record for your SaaS applications. 

On average, 14% or more of overall SaaS spend isn’t even run through accounting’s approval process. On top of that, most companies are underestimating the total number of SaaS apps in use by 3-4x. Without a clear picture of what’s in use and what it’s costing your company, it’s impossible to reduce costs, efficiently manage contract renewals and you’re wasting hundreds of hours in a game of whack-a-mole.

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Get an Estimate of How Many SaaS Apps Are in Use and What it's Costing Your Company


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Workiva Case Study


With Intello we finally have a consolidated view of spend, compliance levels, and usage of the systems in our SaaS Application Portfolio. We now have actionable SaaS data pulling in automatically that we never were able to compile manually.

- Blake Morris, SaaS Operations Engineer at Workiva

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Instacart Case Study


"Intello positions the IT department to have more leverage in company decisions and truly demonstrate the impact of a corporate IT ecosystem.”

- Anais Fargas, Head of IT at Instacart

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